Nzema Manle Rural bank introduces Educare account


Nzema Manle Rural Bank Limited has unveiled a new product called Nzema Manle Rural Educare account to create an opportunity for parents and guardians to successfully and effectively save to meet the educational needs of their wards.
In a durbar which was well represented by the Akpandue community at the Chief’s Palace on 11th May 2019, officials of the bank indicated that the interest-bearing account has been designed and introduced to help alleviate the burden and hustle of parents who wail around in critical times in search of funds to pay their ward’s school fees.
The Head of Credit and Marketing Mr. Emmanuel Ackah charged all parents and guardians to embrace the product to enable them to educate their wards to the highest level.
He bemoaned the consistent rejection of the youth of Nzema during employment of professionals in the oil and gas companies around the Nzema enclaves but attributed this to inadequate education and training by the youth and indicated the youth in the area can only gain employment in the Oil and gas sector only when they are well educated in those fields
Mr. Ackah informed that the Nzema Manle Educare account is available at any of the ten branches of the bank and could also be accessed by getting in touch with any of the mobile bankers of the bank.